Tasty Samples

We understand how important it is for your dog to like a new food.

It may be a complete and balanced dog food but what if they don't like the flavour?  We offer free taste testers

so you can try before you commit to a bigger bag.


We do this for three reasons:

  • It's nice to be sure you're investing in a flavour your dog will really eat making a nutritionally complete doggy dinnertime fun and enjoyable!

  • It saves you time and money

  • Never have to waste another bag of food again! We care about our carbon footprint; it takes a lot of different energy sources to make and deliver your dog food. Natural resources like the sun and water to grow the freshly prepared ingredients and all the energy sources it takes to produce and deliver your dog's food. It seems a shame to waste all that effort when you can just try it first and now it will be a success!


Simply use code FREE SAMPLE at the checkout , all we ask is you pay £2.90 to cover the delivery and packaging.*
Enjoy your free taste tester bundles. 

*Please note:

Our samples are delivered by a different courier to our dog food. If you order them with your usual doggy dinners they'll be delivered separately.

This code is automatically limited to one Taste Tester Bundle per customer. You can purchase additional bundles and the postage will stay the same.