Small Breed Salmon with Trout and Asparagus blended with Sweet potato

Small Breed Salmon with Trout and Asparagus blended with Sweet potato


These succulent freshwater fishes are irresistable with their juicy pink and white flakes!

  • For Small Breed Adult dogs from 6 months onwards with an adult weight of less than 10KG


  • 100% grain and gluten free. Absolutely no grain, just nutritious yummy flavours!


  • As nature intended. Dogs are omnivores and get the majority of their nutritional needs from meat and vegetable sourcesIt’s all about quality, we include human grade meat; 53% salmon and trout, 27% being freshly prepared. With such a high meat content our food is a fantastic natural diet.


  • Salmon is a highly palatable and digestible protein rich in aminoacids, vitamins D, B12 &B6. It helps the body maintain metabolism. Asparagus is high in vitamins A, C and K, It is a brain booster. Sweet potato is rich in antioxidents and good for cardiovascular health.


  • No cheap fillers and no gluten means less bloating, less wind and a happy tummy!


  • The magic of sweet potato, this amazing root vegetable releases energy slowly, satisfies hunger for longer and is packed full of vitamins and nutrients known to improve the immune system.


  • The crunchy kibble is especially designed for dogs with a small mouth in mind. The perfectly sized small kibble helps keep teeth cleaner and breath fresher.


  • We add a joint pack. Chondroitin & Glucosamine are added to support joint health & mobility. It stops cartilage breakdown as well as supporting growing bones & good mobility into senior years


  • We love our dogs and want them to be happy and healthy both inside and out so we add Prebiotics FOS and MOS to encourage the production of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract which promotes a better immune system.


  • Complete and balanced. Our vet approved dry food range contains all the essential nutrients that your dog needs in a balanced formula for vitality and energy.


  • Easy to scoop poop! Freshly prepared meat and natural ingredients makes our recipes easier to digest resulting in less poop.


  • A healthy nutritionally packed food, using only high quality, hand picked, traditionally sourced, finest quality ingredients without the use of artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


  • Made in the UK