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Stockpiling for Brexit? Do you trust the government to look after your dog?

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Do you trust the government to look after your dog?

Stockpiling food in anticipation of mass shortages after Brexit?

Everyone wants to be ready for Brexit and some are preparing for the worst. The most common fears appear to be worry over shortages of food and medicine with the main concern being for our children and our pets.

Helena, our competition winner from our December giveaway, had a picture taken of her gorgeous dog Charlie on top of our grain free dog food and the food she's stockpiled for him.....isn't he just the perfect model!

She was interviewed by The Guardian newspaper about stockpiling; why she thinks it's necessary; how she's got organised and what her plans are.

Here's what the interview with Helena said.

“I don’t identify as a prepper, but I am prepping,” says Helena, “I always thought preppers were a bit batshit crazy and am quite surprised to find myself in this position.”

Helena, who has a politics degree and works for a charity, doesn’t come across as crazy. None of the people I speak to do. Informed: tick. Cautious: tick. Organised: tick. Very organised, in Helena’s case: she has – and shares with me – a spreadsheet, colour-coded according to what is fully purchased (eg tinned tomatoes and loo paper, alongside a note that the average person uses 110 rolls a year), part-purchased (eg cereal), waiting delivery (powdered coconut), or pending testing (dried falafel mix). Falafel! I’m going straight round to Helena’s. She also has booze and biscuits. Brexit party in Cardiff on Friday 29 March, everyone. And she’s got makeup! We’re going to be looking good as the good ship Britannia goes down.

Helena is not just prepping for herself.

She is doing it for her dog, Charlie, too. And while she has about three months’ worth of supplies for herself, she is looking at more like a year for the dog, as she doesn’t see that pet food will be a priority. “I don’t really trust the government to look after me; I certainly don’t trust them to look after my dog,” she says. As well as dog food, there are treats and toys on the spreadsheet. Charlie is going to enjoy a hard Brexit.

Helena sees it as an insurance policy.

“Unless there’s enormous panic buying, I don’t think there’s going to be nothing on the shelves at Asda,” she says. “But I do think there’s a very good chance that choice is going to be limited.” End.

We love that Helena is not only protecting her own interests but Charlies too, and not just with the basic needs for survival but with toys and treats as well. Helena, we salute you!

These are uncertain times. The future of importing is foggy and the truth is no-one seems to know which way things will go.

One thing I am certain of is during tough times us Brits seem to pull together in adversity, a kind of 'wartime spirit'. There has been so much in the news recently about getting behind small businesses and supporting your high street shops, shopping local, using British produce and buying British made. A stand, to be proud of who we are and what we can achieve when we all pull together - a national support network!

Is stockpiling necessary?

Are we being over cautious? Maybe, maybe not. Some of us will and some of us won't, some will wish they had. Every family's opinion will be different depending on their own personal circumstances.

Whatever you decide, Addiscott's dog food has got yours and your furry friends backs.

Here's how we can help.

1. We're made in Britain using British produce where possible minimising the need to rely on produce from Europe.

2. Our couriers deliver straight from the factory to your door meaning no hold ups at boarders as well as low fuel costs and low carbon footprint.

3. We have 10 flavours to choose from so no need to worry about fussy eaters having limited choice at the supermarkets.

4. Our food has a shelf life of 18 months so if you choose to stockpile you can be certain it will still be the same quality today as it will be if you open it in 2020.

5. Our range has both fish and meat flavours made with freshly prepared human grade meat, veg and botanicals. Being Grain free means it is a healthy nutritious food for all types of dog, not just those with a sensitive tummy.

6. Our prices WILL NOT rise in the immediate aftermath of Brexit. We know budgeting is going to be one of the things that will change. As prices fluctuate and we find our feet and settle down again money will be a concern. You can count on us to keep the food you buy for your precious pooch the same price as it is now so you can budget effectively.

With interesting times ahead whether you choose to stockpile or not - order from Addiscotts to beat your Brexit worries!

Let us know in the comments whether you are or you aren't and how you're prepping for Brexit!

The full Guardian article on stockpiling " I don't trust the government to look after me or my dog" can be read here.

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