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Raw vs Kibble....Oooooh Controversial!

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

This is such an emotive subject and one so many people get their knickers in a twist about! I'm a kibble kinda gal (obviously!) but we debated and researched raw food for our pup because of the tummy troubles she was having at the time. It wasn't right for us but all we want to do as dog parents is the right thing - right?

With all the information available on the internet these days it would seem there is no right or wrong with this debate, just a lot of grey area and conflicting information between which I sometimes struggle to determine which is fact and which is fiction as dog owners try to keep up with current trends.

I came across this article today by Neil Macintosh " Raw food- a good or bad idea" and it made interesting reading. Neil is first and foremost a practising vet who is passionate about the health and welfare of his patients; he says "As a veterinary surgeon, my advice to you has to be factual, scientific and evidence based". He talks about raw food being an ancestral diet, has some interesting statistics about food poisoning bugs and the risks to both dogs and their families and concludes with these information bullet points:

The current, rational, evidence based veterinary advice

  • Raw meat diets may contain parasites and bacteria that can cause illness in humans and animals.

  • Pets used for therapeutic purposes and pets living in the environment of people with a weakened immune system (for example, the elderly, the ill and those on chemotherapy) should not be fed raw meat.

  • Dogs fed raw should not be allowed to run free on pasture ground, as their faeces may contain parasites that are harmful to livestock.

  • Raw meat diets should be frozen at -20 degrees for at least three days in order to kill parasites. (Most domestic freezers cannot achieve this temperature.) And remember, bacteria will not be killed by the freezing process and may be abundant in the liquid that runs from raw meat as it defrosts, making hygiene difficult.

  • Meanwhile, I await with bated breath, the long term, properly conducted clinical trials that prove that feeding raw actually conveys a significant health benefit to those that eat it.

You can find the full article here. It's certainly food for thought if you are debating raw vs kibble.

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