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Our top Mothers Day Gifts for you and your special pooch.

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Whether you're buying a gift for a paw-parent or a mummy dog these gifts can only delight! Here are our favourite products from some fantastic independent businesses for spoiling yourself and others on Mothers Day!

We love The Dog and I, their products are amazing with herbal ingredients that not only heal but smell divine as well. Their packaging is classic and clear and it even says "safe to lick" on it- so cute!! The Dog and I are all about keeping it simple, effective and as eco-friendly as possible. Their dog grooming products are all handmade, gentle and of a very high quality. They were even crowned "Queen of Soaps" in December 2017!

We love all their products but these two are amongst my particular favourites.

These balms are amazing and having a dog of our own that charges through the undergrowth in the forest we nearly always come home with small cuts and grazes. This sorts them out every time!

Natural Dog Skin Balm for nose, paws and elbows too 15g. £3.50

Natural, lightly scented, moisturising dog skin balm , perfect for dry noses, sore and cracked paw pads, callouses, to soothe hot spots, calloused elbows, in fact anywhere on your dog that needs a bit of TLC. This is handmade and all natural with no nasties. Safe to lick. Made with hemp, lavender and peppermint oils. Hemp oil contains Omega 3 and 6 and is a great source of high quality nutrients for skin health.

Soothing Skin Salve 15g screw top tin £3.50

We have all heard about the power of herbal remedies, remember the burdock leaf on the nettle stings as a child? Well we have created a herbal infused balm using Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil and a selection of 5 herbs known for their skin friendly properties. Calendula is anti inflammatory, moisturising and healing. Plantain is anti inflammatory, soothing and said to promote healing. Comfrey is said to promote healing and is also known as 'knitbone' for this reason. Yarrow has so many uses but is most famous as a wound healer and finally Rosemary. Rosemary is said to offer anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, ant-bacterial, and antiseptic properties. Need I say more. A little bit of magic in a tin.

Check out the rest of their products at here.

Another of our firm favourites is House of Henry. These products are made to remind us just how much we love our pooches. House of Henry offer award-winning bespoke gifts, homeware and apparel for the discerning dog owner. With a little help from their four-legged furry companion Henry they have sniffed out the very best in gifts, accessories, grooming, home décor and toys. ​Each product in their collection has been selected for its rustic style and quality... couple that with the unique touch that a little subtle personalised text can bring, and you have the perfect gift for a dog loving friend or simply something special for you and your dog.​

Here's our top 3, thanks Henry!!

Hessian Keepsake board with personalised wooden hearts £17.00

The perfect gift for your Mum this mother’s day! This handmade hessian wrapped keepsake board is created using a random mix of ribbons and bows. This item will be truly unique... and even more so when you pin your own memories to it.

Bandanas £9.00

All designed and printed individually by hand, the dog bandanas from House of Henry are available in three sizes (small, medium, large) and four colours (white, cream, blue and pink).

Fairylight Lantern £19

A super little gift for the most important woman in your life... cast a warm glow in the garden, living room or any room in your house with this glass lantern. A set of micro fairylights is included with decorative hessian ribbon, all presented in a box.

Have a mooch through the rest of their ranges here!

And last but by no means least and another firm favorite is Tuggitz Dog toys.

Tuggitz! are all handmade toys collars and leads. They’ve been given two paws up, from 4-legged friends all around the globe!! Even dogs known to chew and destroy toys don’t tend to try destroying these in most cases (or at least not as fast as other toys). They’re very hard wearing and have been ‘field tested’ by Whippets, Labs, Terriers, Dachshunds, Boxers, Dobies, Rotties, Setters, Afghans, Spaniels and many other breeds – all giving it their best. They are thicker than braided/plaited fleece tug toys, and are naturally stretchy. There are no squeakers which is what my dogs usually destroy toys for, and no stuffing for the dogs to pull out and spread round the house. They are very hard wearing and easily washable.

You can see a video of our office dogs Delta and Kona playing with one on our facebook page

Tuggitz! Large £8.50 Small £4.75

All Tuggitz! are made with high quality Polar Fleece – the same type of fleece as blankets, coats etc are made from. They do have a large range of colours, if you have a preference let them know and they'll try to make it as close as possible to what you’re after. You can choose up to a maximum of 4 colours.

Dog lead from £25 and collars from £15

40 inch dog lead Style - Snake Knot handle, Cobra Weave Lead Single Colour - RWB Camo

The leads and collars are extremely sturdy and come in all shapes and sizes with different weaves and over 50 colours to choose from! There is a clear guide on the Facebook page showing all the cords available and all are handmade to perfection.

Happy shopping everyone and whether you're a paw parent or responsible for a small person we hope you enjoy Mothers Day! x

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