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Hearing Dogs can help with Menieres Disease

I'm an avid follower of medical detection dogs and am always interested to read stories about any kind of medical assistance dog but it had never crossed my mind that one day I may need the help of one of these amazing animals until I read this article by Shelia.

I suffer with Menieres disease. I was diagnosed in 2005 and have suffered in varying degrees since then. So far I have been fairly lucky in being able to sense an oncoming attack and have been able to do exercises to ward them off and have had precious few 'episodes' where I have been debilitated.

Last March I had my first major attack in a long time following an ear infection, and 1 year on am still treating symptoms but have so far managed to keep another attack at bay. The sudden aggressive attack lead me to join the Menireres society; having been diagnosed 13 years ago when not too much was known about the cause or the way forward I knew very little and was happily surprised to see how far knowledge about the disease had come. I was sent a wealth of information and in February the latest newsletter. This lovely story about Shelia and her amazing dog Tess really struck a cord with me and warmed my heart, I particularly like the final paragraph. A special thanks to Sheila and the Menieres society who have very kindly given me permission to share the story. I hope it helps create some awareness about the condition and how yet another incredible dog has helped to change the life of a human. How truly awe inspiring they are and they are kind enough to let us share their lives with them!

If you have any questions about Menieres disease please contact the society. They're an amazing organisation that not only cover Menieres disease but also other dizziness and balance disorders.

Contact the Ménière's Society

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You can also find them on Facebook, instagram and Twitter.


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