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Celebrating National Holistic pet day.

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

On August 30 we celebrate National Holistic Pet Day - a special day highlighting the importance of whole pet health!

So what does Holistic mean?

The Cambridge English dictionary defines it as “dealing with or treating the whole of something or someone and not just a part:”

What does “holistic health” mean? Simply put, it is a wellness approach that addresses the “whole” animal - body, mind, and spirit. Holistic health is all about health and wellness, not disease. It is a preventative lifestyle that incorporates the WHOLE animal from tip to toe, inside and out.

Holistic solutions are gaining more acceptance with pet parents. It’s been proven that many natural substances can give an immune system a well-needed boost. It works for pets as well as us humans.

National Holistic Pet Day is a chance to look at your dog and the alternative therapies there are around and see if there is any help you can give them to improve their quality of life.


Nutrition is the cornerstone of holistic pet care. A diet of natural food and treats has numerous health benefits such as boosting your pet’s immune system, the easiest way to prevent diseases and other health problems. Our dogs’ digestive systems aren’t meant to deal with the preservatives and chemicals found in overly processed pet food. High-quality, natural dog food also helps our dogs fight allergies, intestinal problems, obesity, diabetes, and other food-related diseases.

We all want to live a happy healthy life and to do this we need to eat well and enjoy our food.

Our dogs are part of our family so naturally, we want the same for our them, it's the least we can do given all the unconditional love and joy they bring and they trust us to give them exactly what they need for a life full of vitality and energy

At Addiscott's we’ve put a lot of time and effort into considering the very best recipes for your dog. To find out more about our every day food you can trust, 100% Grain and Gluten Free high quality bites made with fresh, human grade meat visit our website. Or take a look at our fantastic range of exciting flavours, maybe Angus Beef or Venison is something you fancy trying or good old chicken!

Herbal Remedies

Our friends at Dorwest Herbs are Experts in Herbal Pet Care.

They say "Nothing beats having a healthy, happy dog. We know that because we love dogs as much as you. For 70 years we’ve been breeding, working and showing dogs, and applying our knowledge of herbal medicine to their health & nutritional needs. The whole philosophy of herbal medicine is that by using the whole plant, and very often a combination of plants, the patient, whether human or animal, is taking a mixture of many thousands of naturally occurring complex elements which are contained in each plant. It is the presence of all these elements, which complement and balance the effect of each other, that are thought to be responsible for the extremely low incidence of adverse reactions and side effects in herbal medicines compared with single element drug therapies. The actions of the individual herbs have been well documented over hundreds and thousands of years and shows their risk of long-term or serious side effects is negligible. Dog and cat owners come to us for herbal treatments that work in harmony with their pet’s body, and that help keep their pet’s life in balance. We love being part of the great dog and cat owning community and feel privileged to be able to share our expertise with fellow pet enthusiasts."

Check out the Dorwest Herbs website to learn more about what they do and how you can help your dog with prevention as well as relieve any ailments that might already be establishing themselves. You can browse their fantastic products here


One of the best ways to keep your dog healthy in body is plenty of exercise. In addition to keeping your dog physically fit, it aids weight loss, lowers cholesterol levels, decreases diabetes risk, lessens the risk of heart disease, helps with anxiety, and helps fight certain cancers.

It doesn’t take much to get your dog moving around and exercising. Go for plenty of walks or maybe a run. How about a fun game of fetch? Dogs love to chase down their favourite ball or toy. Another added benefit of exercising your dog is that you also get plenty of exercise, and in turn help improve your own health. It’s a win-win situation!

If your furry friend is a little overweight and a reluctant exerciser we have a couple of amazing foods which promote weight loss. You can read all about it in or blog “Is your furry friend a little overweight?”

To encourage exercise hydrotherapy may be an option. Most dogs love to swim and even if they don’t our friends at 4 Paws Hydrotherapy are brilliant at encouraging them in the water or they have a treadmill too for those that won’t entertain swimming! Check out what they can offer.

Along with muscles, joints, and bones, it’s important to take care of skin and fur too. Using only natural grooming products and flea and tick preventatives, which include essential oils and extracts instead of synthetic chemicals, will also encourage a holistic lifestyle. Our favourite local supplier of grooming products is The Dog and I. Their dog grooming products are formulated from gentle and effective plant based ingredients. All are handmade using the highest quality ingredients all of which are suitable for use in human products. Where possible they use virtually no packaging, minimal packaging or recyclable packaging. Their products smell absolutely amazing too!

Mind Body and Spirit

While keeping your dog physically active is vital, so is mental stimulation. A healthy brain will keep him or her happy, well-balanced, and rid of bad behaviour caused by boredom. There are all sorts of different and fun ways to get your dog’s brain cells firing. Some toys are specifically designed to challenge dogs to solve a puzzle for a treat. Hide treats in different areas of your home or apartment and have your dog search them out using its sense of smell. Take a trip to your local doggie park for interaction with other dogs, or try taking an alternative route when going for a walk. Your dog will love the new smells, sounds, and sights!

You play a very important role in the health of your dog. Its food and amount of exercise and mental stimulation lead to excellent health and well-being, affecting your dog's physical, behavioural, and emotional health. Taking small steps to incorporate “holistic care” into your pet’s life is a wonderful opportunity to keep him or her happy and healthy - in body, mind, and spirit.

I also read a really interesting american article by The Dog People over at Rover.com; https://www.rover.com/blog/holistic-medicine-dogs/#

“5 Holistic Treatments for Dogs You Need to Know About “by Elisabeth Geier . It covers canine acupuncture, chinese herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, magnetic field therapy and canine massage.

These kind of things are often a little further ahead ‘across the pond’ and there are so many therapies we can give our furry friends these days it’s worth having a look around to see what you can do to help before an ailment gets so bad surgery or worse is needed. It’s so exciting to see all the new developments in pet care and how we increasingly see dogs as members of the family and treat them with the respect and care they deserve. Of course, as with everything, do your research and always consult your vet to determine what is best for your amazing dog!

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