Our Mission and Values

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At Addiscotts Dog Food we are passionate about happy and  healthy.

Our dogs are family so we think they deserve the very best.

Our mission is to get all dogs eating a healthy food that is right for them, to stay fit and healthy, active and happy, they need a balanced diet containing a wide range of nutrients made easily available in a tasty pet food!

Making healthy dog life easy.

Founder Claire Addiscott with weimaraner Delta by the sea

Family and  understanding

Our dogs are part of the family. They look to us for strength when they’re down, health decisions when they’re unwell, guidance when they’re unsure, trust and lifelong love and protection. We believe it is every dog’s right to have all of this.

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Healthy Choice

We believe nutrition is important. Wherever your dog is on it’s life journey, it's never too late to change to a healthier path. Every dog has the right to a healthy happy tummy, a choice of flavours and a complete, nutritious, balanced food source that provides them with the energy and vitality every dog deserves. Healthy dog life, made easy.

French bulldog chilling in his favourite chair

Honesty and Integrity

We believe in authenticity, honesty and integrity. Our labels are designed with clarity in mind, easy and friendly wording with no hidden meaning or language that is difficult to understand.

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Our Signature dishes are blended with sweet potato and have a high fresh meat content, including freshly prepared human grade meat. All the natural, hypoallergenic goodness your dog needs with fresh ingredients you can trust, prepared and made in the UK.

Derlta and Kona in the New Forest. Naturally healthy dry food.

Making healthy dog life easy!

We want to help dog parents understand that what we feed our dogs directly affects not only the health of their skin, coat and insides but also their behaviour and the health of their minds.

Our dogs have no choice what they eat. We encourage dog parents to ask questions that challenge standard dog food ingredients and make informed choices that improve our pet family’s wellbeing.

To be a responsible dog parent isn’t just about picking up poop and giving them enough exercise, our love for them extends to thinking about their mental wellbeing as well as their physical wellbeing. A healthy diet is our responsibility and part of the loving care we show them.

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Hypoallergenic and gentle on stomaches. Freshly prepared ingredients. Working Cocker Spaniel

About our food

Complete and balanced nutrition. Meat content 50%

Complete Nutrition

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Signature Dishes

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