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Optimum health - Bonding you together forever
Our company was founded because of a genuine concern for our dogs.
Whether your dog is a Dachshund or a Great Dane, a puppy or a gentle old friend, a show dog, a working dog, a precious pooch with a sensitive tummy or a portly lovable rogue who eats you out of house and home, as dog parents we want them to have tasty AND healthy!
Addiscotts' has the food to suit your furry family. We put a lot of time and effort into considering the very best recipes for your dog and work closely with vets and nutritionists to create nutritionally complete signature dishes; from the extras a puppy needs to grow, to the helping hand your older friends may need to keep supple and continue to enjoy life, we've got you covered.
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encourages friendly bacteria for a better immune system

Joint Care

A little extra support for those that need it

Digestive Health

Freshly prepared foods means it's easier to digest

Skin and Coat

For healthy skin and coat and supporting cognitive function

Sweet Potato

For sustained energy. A complex carbohydrate high in vitamin B

Grain free

Naturally good for all dogs

Meat as the  main ingredient

Deliciously tasty doggy dinners

At least 50% meat

Dogs thrive with meat as the main part of their diet


Complete and Balanced

We want to give dog parents access to nutritious healthy foods. Our tailored nutrition is a complete & balanced meal for all life stages & ages.

From smaller kibble for the tiny and young to those extras for the old, we ensure all the right

minerals, vitamins and nutrients are included in the recipe to promote a shiny healthy coat and feeling fuelled and energised at a healthy weight.

Food inspired by our pets natural instincts with the convenience of dry kibble.

Tailored to all Life Stages

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Veterinary approved Nutrition

All our recipes are grain free and 100% hypoallergenic, veterinary approved nutrition.

We only serve grain free dinners because we know it is a better option for all dogs, not just for those with allergies or sensitive tummy's.

Our recipes are high quality, high percentage meat first bites and free from all grain and gluten to minimise the risk of adverse food reactions meaning less bloat, less wind, less waste, nourished skin, promoting settled tummies and firmer less smelly poos.

With clear honest labelling so you know exactly what you're feeding your dog from the very beginning.

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Complete and balanced vet approved nutrition. Our ingredients.

Our Ingredients

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Signature Dishes

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