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Delta is our Chief Office Dog. I have many gorgeous photos of her but this one sums up her character nicely!

She's a goofball! She's playful her favourite game is catch...usually with the newest pair of slippers in the house. Delta loves to walk around with her tail in the air super proud of herself and whatever toy she has in her mouth, just waiting for you to chase her.

Delta is a foodie, human food, dog food, other peoples picnics....

Whilst she doesn't really like full on cuddles, Delta instinctively knows when there is something wrong and will not leave your side until she's managed to cheer you up.
Delta has a wonderful kind and caring personality, loves her home comforts and expects she should everything a human does......we like to go along with that thinking!


In a previous life Claire worked for a major British airline doing project work and training before moving into the charity sector as an events manager for a national charity. She left it all behind to be a full time Mum after the birth of her third child. 
Three children, two Weinmaraners and one husband. She loves birdsong, yoga, walks in the forest and being by the sea.

And of course she's totally devoted to changing the way we see dog food!


Kona is Chief Guard Dog. This picture portrays her perfectly.

Kona would have been the perfect working dog. She is agile, fast and totally focused. Whilst Delta loves slippers and balls Kona loves training games that exercise her mind as well as her body.  She has the most gorgeous physique and poise and is always the first to tell me when someone is at the door. Kona is protective and true to the typical Weimaraner description of the 'velcro dog'.  She wants ALLLL the space and will stretch from one end of the sofa to the other so she can touch both her humans.
Kona has absolutely no idea about personal space; she is devoted to those she loves and wants to take up the same space as you, she will absolutely not accept she's not a lap dog!

Delta and Kona introducing themseles to the cows while eating blackberries
Instagram fram for taking selfies at events

Family love

Claire D&K 4.jpg.jpg
Weimaraner Delta sat in a colourful chair

Addiscotts' is a family run business on the border of Dorset and Hampshire with the New Forest right on our doorstep.  The two Weimaraners are Delta, she's 7 years old and Kona who's 5 years old. They're cousins!

We take our furry friends with us everywhere we go whether it's the beach, bike riding, camping or blackberry picking................ which is what the girls were doing when the cows came over for a nosy!

Claire D&K 2.png

This is our family.

Weimaraner licking her lips
Camping with the Addiscott Dog Food pooches
Weimaraner Kona sitting proudly on a tree trunk in the forest

From a puppy Delta had a poorly tummy and a windy bottom.

We tried different foods, different brands but things didn't get much better and we worried about her. Choosing a generic food just didn't seem right and was very trial and error.  We were never completely sure if we’d picked the right food!

With so much range and so many brands choosing was increasingly difficult!

Options ranging from suspiciously cheap to eye-wateringly expensive (even within the same brand) and we weren't alone in our confusion and frustration!

It became apparent we knew so little about what we were actually feeding Delta and with another puppy coming home it became even more important to get it right for them both.


Making healthy dog life easy

Weimaraners out on a family bike ride
Founder Claire Addiscott headshot with Delta

We made it our mission to find a company that would manufacture foods to a high standard, ticking all our boxes for health, nutrition and clear honest labelling but also satisfying our girls appetite for flavour and  be family affordable.

This was our inspiration for Addiscotts Dog Food!

We all know that just like humans, to stay fit and healthy, active and happy, our animals need a balanced diet containing a wide range of nutrients made easily available in a tasty pet food!

After much research, we discovered our perfect partner with all the necessary veterinary expertise in Europe's leading dry pet food producer.  It was important to me they aligned with all my values and my mission.

Our labels are designed with clarity in mind, easy and friendly wording with no hidden meaning or language that is difficult to understand and we now offer a service we can be proud of.

And for our dogs, tailored nutrition in amazingly tantalising flavours from puppy to senior,

small bite to big bite and everywhere in between.

Happy and Healthy! 
Much Love xo

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