Addiscotts is a family run business on the border of Dorset and Hampshire with the New Forest right on our doorstep.

This is our pet family.

The two weimaraners are Delta, she's 5 years old and just like Eeyore and Kona who's 3 is a completely mad Tigger! They're cousins!

We take our furry friends with us everywhere we go whether it's the beach, bike riding, camping or blackberry picking................ which is what the girls were doing when the cows came over for a nosy!

From a puppy Delta had a poorly tummy and a windy bottom.

We tried different foods, different brands but things didn't get much better and we worried about her.

Choosing a generic food just didn't seem right and was very trial and error.  So called anti-allergy and hypoallergenic food seemed to make little difference. We found that no matter what we researched, we were never completely sure if we’d picked the right food!

With so much range and so many brands choosing was increasingly difficult!

Options ranging from suspiciously cheap to eye-wateringly expensive (even within the same brand) and we weren't alone in our confusion and frustration!

It became apparent we knew so little about what we were actually feeding Delta and with another puppy coming home it became even more important to get it right for them both.

We made it our mission to find a company that would manufacture foods to a high standard, ticking all our boxes for health, nutrition and clear honest labelling but also satisfying our girls appetite for flavour and  be family affordable.

This was our inspiration for Addiscotts Dog Food!

We partnered up with Europe's leading dry pet food manufacturer and now offer a service we can be proud of.

Our labels are designed with clarity in mind, easy and friendly wording with no hidden meaning or language that is difficult to understand.

And for our dogs, tailored nutrition in amazingly tantalising flavours from puppy to senior,

small bite to big bite and everywhere in between.

We all know that just like humans, to stay fit and healthy, active and happy, our animals need a balanced diet containing a wide range of nutrients made easily available in a tasty pet food!

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Addiscotts make foods from the finest human grade ingredients