Everyday wellbeing from tailored nutrition

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Because our dogs are part of the family we focus on enriching the life you share making the most of your time together.
So your dog can experience a life of comfort and fun we offer choice, variety and expertise, working towards optimum health through good nutritious food.
Made with knowledge and love.
Labels designed with clarity in mind

Clear, honest   labelling

designed with clarity in mind

Delicious and nutricious dinners in incredible flavours

Delicious Nutritious   Dinners

in ten  incredible flavours

Freshly prepared ingredients with a meat first philosophy

Freshly  prepared ingredients

with a meat  first philosophy

Freshly prepared ingredients

We care about the ingredients we put into your doggy dinners. Our recipes have a higher than 50% meat content and we use only the best bits; absolutely no meat meal, no bone meal and no rendered meat. 

Whilst dogs thrive on a meaty diet, about 20-30% should come from plants too. Introducing vegetables adds balance, variety and nutrients to the weekly menu.

All cooked at gentle temperatures to make sure we give your dog all the fab nutrients they need in as naturally a way as possible. 

Freshly prepared ingredients means excellent nutrition and super tasty meals....Always!

"Made with knowledge and love"

Tailored Nutrition

Because our dogs are part of the family we want to give them the very best.


Our doggy dinners are vet approved at different life stages so you can trust your gorgeous furry family is getting a complete and balanced meal, no matter how old they are.

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