We love dogs, dog health

and dog wellness!

We focus on enriching the life you share making the most of your time together.

To experience a lifestyle of comfort and fun we offer choice, variety and expertise, working towards optimum health through food, knowledge and love.


Dog life diversity, bonding you together forever.

Why are all our recipes grain free?

Get all the information you need about the benefits for your dog when they're eating nutricious Grain Free doggy dinners in our exclusive FREE information booklet!

Curious about how we're different to your current brand of dog food?

Let us do a FREE comparison with your current brand so you have all the information you need to see if you can make life even better

for you and your furry family.

It will only take you a couple of minutes but could mean a lifetime of difference for your pooch!

We've got it covered!

Whether your dog is a Dachshund or a Great Dane, a puppy or a gentle old friend, a show dog, a working dog, a precious pooch with a sensitive tummy or a portly lovable rogue who eats you out of house and home, learn more about our mission to improve dog health and wellness with our signature flavours.

Delta, our weimaramer puppy,

was the inspiration behind Addiscotts

Read our story here

Our Dog Food

Our blend has a massive 50% meat content and we only use the best bits. No meat meal, no bone meal and no rendered meat. 


Our ingredients include freshly prepared meats, vegetables and botanicals. Introducing vegetables adds balance and variety as well as bringing much needed nutrients to the weekly menu!

All the natural goodness your dog needs with fresh ingredients you can trust.

And of course all of our recipes are 100 % grain free.

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